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  • 2022-23 Youth Boarded Soccer Leagues

    Boarded league information!

    Soccer Blast's Boarded Leagues are one of the most popular options around. Besides being a "Blast" to play, boarded leagues offer:

    • More ball touches per game
    • Higher number of shots on goal per game
    • Improved ball control in tight spaces
    • Fast paced, intense soccer, which lends to increased endurance and physical ablility
    • &, oh yeah, it's a BLAST to play!

    Registration NOW OPEN!!


    Here is the link to register online -

    If applying discounts, tax exempt - PLEASE make sure to read below.
    Online Registration

    This process is NEW!!

    • Team managers will need to create an account before registering a team.
    • Team managers will select to pay in Full, or pay deposit of $500.
      The Pay in Full discount has been removed - and ALL fees reduced by $25 automatically (from the original $1020)
    • Discount- At this time future sessions are not open for registration. If you are planning to register for Winter II and Winter III, there will still be time do so before Winter I starts and you will get all discounts. Please indicate this in the comments when you register.
    • Rosters/Waivers will now be managed under this system (and hopefully easier for you)
    • All players will need to create an account to join a team.
    • We will be providing resources in the future to help with Waivers - please hold those questions until I get registraions figured out. Thanks!!
    • Please indicate 1) Preferred level of play(A or B)and 2)Summer 2023 playing level in the comments.

    Applying Discounts-
    If you are a youth team is registering for multiple sessions up front, they are eligible for discounts.
    To apply your discounts:

    • Please register your team for the number of sessions they plan to play and pay the deposits.
    • Before the league starts, we will go through and apply discounts as needed.
    • If you want to pay the balance right away, send Andy an email saying that you registered, and we will adjust the account sooner. Feel free to contact us as it will help us to track.
    • Reminder - Deposits for each session must be received before the start of the first session you are playing in.

      Tax Exempt Status-
      If your team is claiming exempt statues, you must fill out the ST3 form and submit to us by email. Once submitted, your account will be marked as Exempt.

    • You must create an account first and pay the deposit for your team.
    • Once done, we will adjust to be tax exempt
    • Then you can pay the balance.
    • This only has to be done 1 time per year, as long as you are the team manager.

    Also see below for league guidelines and policies, dates of play, age group guidelines, condensed league rules.
    - please scroll down to review it to get answers to questions you may have about the youth leagues.

    Additional information:
    For the last few years we have run full and competitive brackets for the majority of our leagues. The majority of the teams that register get into the leagues with the only teams not getting in being the ones that wait until the last week or so before a league starts to register. So secure your team a spot by registering as soon as possible!

    Registrations will be taken in the order received, provided there is room in the league/bracket registered for. Once a bracket reaches it's capacity, additional teams will only be added as space provides (i.e. other brackets do not fill up).


    YOUTH BOARDED LEAGUE Registration Form

    Please see above for update registration link and information.

    How to register a Team:
    Also see below for league guidelines and policies, dates of play, age group guidelines, condensed league rules.
    • Registrations may be submitted at any time.
    • No Registration Deadline will be posted.
    • All leagues open until filled.
    • Submission of a registration does not guarantee placement in league.
    • Notification of registration is done through your DaySmart Account - you can check to verify your team is registered.
    • First game schedule will be released appox 1 week before the start of the league.
    • Winter II only registrations may be submitted at anytime, but priority will be given to teams registering for multiple sessions.
    • Please read the "Guidelines & Policies" for important information on the registration, pregame and gameday process.

    Important Forms:

    Youth Roster And Waiver Forms and Procedures:

    Rosters and Waivers will now be managed under the DaySmart Registration System.

    Managers will now invite their teammabers to register under DaySmart, and join the team.

  • Minnesota State Certificate of Exemption Form(ST3): (pdf)
    All teams claiming exempt status MUST fill out and submit this form.
  • Guidelines & Policies - (pdf)
  • Dates of Play/Age Group Guidelines
  • Highlighted League Info - (pfd)
  • "Condensed" League Rules - (pdf)

    Teams will NOT be guaranteed placement in a league from session to session. Instead, a 50% deposit must be put down for each session to be played at the time of initial registration. After that point, registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

    Registrations must include completed registration form, deposit and credit card information. League fees not paid in full by the 2nd game will be charged to this card. Incomplete registrations forms will not be considered accepted.

    Prior to the second league game, completed waiver/roster form must be submitted and remaining league fee paid. Complete schedules will not be available until league fee is paid in full.

    League Fees are the responsibility of the team manager. Any fees unpaid will be charged to the team manager.

    If you have any questions or if we can be of further assistance please contact us at (952) 895-1962 or email us at Soccer Blast.

    League Fees

    The Full fee for the session is listed on the registration form. This fee covers administration of the league, field rental and referee costs. It does not include uniforms.

    Discounts are applied prior to each session total and before taxes.
  • Teams receiving the 3 session discount will recieve $50 off each session, discounting the session to $970.00 (plus MN Tax).
  • Teams receiving a 2 session discount will receive $37.50 off each session, discounting the session to $982.50.(plus MN Tax).
  • Teams paying IN FULL at the start of registrations will receive another $25 off EACH session. To be eligible for multisession discounts, teams must register for all session before the start of the first. Registration means submission of COMPLETED registraion form and 50% deposit/full payment for each session.

    The 50% deposit is applied to the league fee.

    Team not submitting league payment by the deadline, or not submitting their roster, may lose any future session discounts.

    Tax Exempt Status-
    Unless your team is part of a club that allows you to use that clubs exempt status certificate, your team will be charged MN sales tax (7.125%). Some clubs allow the use of it, some do not.
    If you are unsure about your club, please check with Soccer Blast.

    Refund policies:

    Teams registering must submit a deposit to get registered. This deposit is non-refundable after it is submitted. If a league is filled out and a replacement team can be found, Soccer Blast will look to refund it, but not guaranteed.

    League Balance-
    All league fees are the responsibility of the team manager. 10 days out from the first day of scheduled games*, the full league fee is expected to be paid in full as the process of forming the league/building the schedules prior to the start day of the league. There will be no refunds after this date, even if the team decides not to play.
    *this is the first listed day of play for this age group - not the first game for the specific team.

    League Games-
    No refunds or credits will be given for the following reasons:

  • 1. Forfeited games.
  • 2. Stoppage of game due to player/team/coach/spectator misconduct or injury.
  • 3. Inclement weather.
  • 4. Teams suspended from playing in a league.

    If one team is forfeiting/not showing to play - the other team has full use of the field for the time frame of the scheduled game. They are welcome to use it for a practice or scrimmage.

    COVID-19 Policies for refunds/reschedules
    If MDH and CDC guidelines allow for games to be played in Soccer Blast - all games and programs will go on.
    All teams registering for leagues will be expected to field a team for these games. If their club decides that they cannot play while a session is in progress, no refunds will be issued to the team for missed games.
    If a team ends up missing a game due to their opponent dropping out or quarantining - an effort to reschedule will be made but not guaranteed. Times are limited for reschedules and may have to occur out of the normal time frame/dates of play. Reschedules are NOT guaranteed.
    - Additional efforts will be made to find a replacement team at the same date/time as the originally scheduled game. If none can be found, the team that can play will be able to utilize their scheduled time for a practice or scrimmage. It is highly suggested to do so, just in case a reschedule is not possible.

    If the State of Minnesota, MDH or CDC Mandates the closing of Soccer Blast for league play, the following refunds/credit policy will be in place:
    All team/program registrations will have an administrative portion of the registration. For leagues, this will be $100 and will not be refundable. If the mandate occurs during weeks 1-8, teams will be refunded a prorated amount per game not played - minus the $100 admin fee.
    Playing Days

    Leagues to be played on boarded fields:

    Age brackets will be formed using 2-year increments with upper and lower competitive levels. (i.e. U9/10, U11/12, U13/14, U15/16, U18/19--Level I (Premier/Classic 1); Level II (Classic 2 and 3).

    Teams are asked to indicate desired level of play at the time of registrations. All attempts will be made to honor this request, however, Soccer Blast reserves the right to place a team into different level as they see fit.

    U11s and older play 6 v 6 including goalkeepers. U10s play 7 v 7 including goalkeepers. Teams may roster as many as 18 players.

    *Sunday teams will rotate starting times all day to ensure one age group does not play all morning games

    Games will be spread out as evenly throughout the day as possible, with the ideal schedule being 2 games in the 7am to 9am block, 2 games 9am to 11am, 2 games 12pm to 4pm and 2 games 3pm to 9pm. Again, this is ideal and not always possible. All teams will have to play Sunday AM games.

    **Teams may be required to (and most likely will) play 1 or 2 games on an alternate play day. Please anticipate this. We will work with you to avoid team conflicts.

    Boarded Leagues Day Estimated Times
    U09/10 Boys
    5:00pm - 8:00pm
    U09/10 Girls
    8:00am - 2:00pm
    U11/12 Boys
    8:00am - 2:00pm
    U11/12 Girls
    7:30am - 2:00pm
    U13/14 Boys
    11:00am - 9:00pm
    U13/14 Girls
    11:00am - 9:00pm
    U15/16 Boys
    7:30am - 9:00pm
    U15/16 Girls
    7:30am - 9:00pm
    U17/18/19 Boys
    7:30am - 9:00pm
    U17/18/19 Girls
    Thursday/Sunday Mix
    7:30am - 9:00pm
    High School Coed
    3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

    High School Coed League:

    The coed league is a great opportunity for high school players to continue playing together in the winter time. Players that are in high school are eligible to play (9th - 12th grade). Captains keep your team playing and improve for next years high school season. Join together with the players on the girls team and form a COED team.

    Special Coed HS League Price - $650 per session. Further discounts do not apply.
    Coed HS teams must have an adult over the age of 18 listed as the team manager and responsible for the league payment.

  • Boarded League Essentials

    2022-23 League Dates
    Please see Playdates for exact dates of play

  • Winter Session I
    Oct 29 -Dec 23
    8 Game Session - $1020.00

  • Winter Session II
    Jan 2 thru Feb 26
    8 Game Session - $1020.00

    Winter Session III
    Feb 27 - Apr 17
    6 Game Session - $795.00

    $1020.00 per 8 game session; $795.00 per 6 game Session
    (plus MN sales tax- 7.125%)*
    SAVE $25 instantly by paying in full at time of registration!,
    Special Coed HS League Price - $650 per session. No further discount apply.

    *Teams/clubs holding non-profit status are exempt from MN tax. Teams MUST submit a completed ST3


  • Register for all 3 sessions* and save $50 off each session ($150 total).
    *Register for all 3 by Oct 1st and get free entry into the Holiday Blast Tournament
  • Register for 2 sessions* and save $75! total
    *You must register for multiple session prior to the start of the first.
    Discounts not applicable to HS Coed League