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    For scheduling requests (see Guidelines & Policies for more information), score corrections or other questions regarding scheduling, please email Andy at andyn@soccerblastmn.com.

    HINT: To load the most recent version of the schedule, press the F5 key, or the FUNCTION & F5 key (depending on keyboard type), while viewing the schedule.

    For Inclement Weather - see Guidelines & Policies for more information or below.

    Field Rental
    UPDATED 4/27/17
    Field Rental Available - April 27-30th

    Click here for more information...

    Youth Winter III Leagues

    Full Game schedules NOW POSTED for most Youth leagues - game. Reschedules will not be possible.


    Girls U11/12 "A"
    Girls U11/12 "B"
    Girls U13/14
    Girls U15/16
    Girls U17/18/19

    Boys U9/10
    Boys U11/12
    Boys U13/14 "A"
    Boys U13/14 "B"
    Boys U15/16
    Boys U17/18/19

    Adult Winter III Leagues

    Coed Wed

    Coed Wed 8v8

    Coed Fri Rec

    Mens Rec Sunday

    Mens Rec Tuesday


    Womens Thursday
    Womens Rec "D"

    High School Coed - Still accepting registrations!

    Important Forms:

  • Youth Roster/Waiver Form(Excel)
    Youth Roster/Waiver Form(PDF)
  • Adult Roster/Waiver Form(Excel)
    Adult Roster/Waiver Form(PDF)
  • Game Day Roster Card(Excel) (pdf)
  • Guidelines & Policies - (pdf)
  • Dates of Play/Age Group Guidelines (pfd)
  • Highlighted League Info - (pfd)
  • "Condensed" League Rules - (pdf)

    5. INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: Soccer Blast will remain open during any inclement weather unless mandated by the state. Games will go on as scheduled.
    While teams are encouraged to make a game if they feel comfortable driving, teams that make the decision to not show up for a game will not be subject to a fine, if they call in advance. Unfortunately, the team making the decision to not show up will have to forfeit the game (this includes league championship games). Games will not be rescheduled.
    If a team makes a decision to not show up, the opposing team’s manager will be called. That team can make the decision to show up or not and will not be subject to a fine. That team will have full use of the field and referee.
    In contacting Soccer Blast to inform us that your team will not be showing up, please call (952) 895-1962. All phone calls will be attempted to be answered, but due to a large number of phone calls, it may be tough to get through. Please leave a message at extension 17 if you do not get through after a couple attempts. Do not leave a message at any other extension as it will not be received.
    If the decision to close Soccer Blast is made, notification will be in the form of one or all of the following, email/phone calls to all Managers/Coaches, postings on the website and a voicemail message.


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