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  • Rent Soccer Blast!

    Soccer Blast offers Field Rental during both evening weekday hours and on weekends. Available space includes 2 boarded fields, 2 non-boarded fields (inside dome), and the Player Development Center (PDC).

    For the Weeks of April 5th to April 29th - Soccer Blast fields are open for rentals!!

    Click HERE for a visual schedule of open times.

    - Times in pink are OPEN PRIME times (weekdays after 5pm/weekends) that are available.
    - Anything in white is open and NON PRIME.
    Times in blue and Gray are not available at this time.

    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REFRESH when on the schedule...it should show the most current schedule then.

    I will try to keep this schedule as updated as possible, but available times listed may change at any time.
    For times with range, you can book a portion of the time range (min 1 hour).
    Rates will be $90/hr for any of the listed times.
    Fieldhouse rate is for half the FH - full FH rental is twice the hourly rate.

    These times might change depending on weather and other activities. Please email to find out what is available at andyn@soccerblastmn.com. No phone calls please.

    To rent this time, please contact Andy via email at andyn@soccerblastmn.com. No phone calls please.

    Available Field Details:

  • Fieldhouse (2 fields) dimensions: 200ft x 150ft
  • Half Fieldhoue (1 field) dimensions: 150ft x 100ft
  • Boarded Field (1 field) dimensions: 185ft x 85ft
    Two Boarded Fields available

      Normal Winter Rates:
    • Weekdays before 5pm or after 10:30pm: Range $80 to $100/hr
    • Weekdays 5-10pm & Weekends: Range $95/hr to $120/hr
    • Rates are for one field (a boarded field or half dome). Full dome is twice the field rate.

    Please contact Andy for specific rates on the times/dates you want to rent.

    • Times can be resevered in 1 hour blocks or more.
    • Rental time that is booked is non-refundable.
    • Priority is given to larger block rentals (6+ weeks)
    • Lacrosse, baseball, softball rentals are limited to Full Dome rentals or a boarded field. No half dome rentals allowed.

    Soccer Goals are provided for each field rental.
    - Boarded fields have 14ft x 8ft goals.
    - Dome fields have 18.5ft x 6.5 ft goals (2) and 16ft x 7ft goals (4)
    - We have 4 lacrosse goals. Groups are welcome to bring and store additional lacrosse goals at the facility. They will be responsible for set up/take down of such goals.

    Player Development Center (PDC):
    This space is located between the 2 boarded fields, in the back of the facility. While it's an odd shaped area - 30ft x 45ft with some additional space in the corner and a building column (aka- "The Referee") pretty much in the middle - it does offer some great area to work on individual or small group training. Footskills, goalie training, speed and agility are common activites for this area. It also consists of the same high-quality turf as all the main fields.
    Rates for this area range from $25-$40/hr, so very cost effective to work on those important skills.
    Availability for this area is much more open than the main fields, so please email Andy to find time that works for you or your team.

    How You Can Use Our Facility

    Trade Shows
    A full-service café, ample restrooms, and the extra comfort of padded floors for vendors who stand all day are only a few of the luxuries offered at this unique trade show location.

    Small Business Meetings
    Away from all the day-to-day hassles, Soccer Blast is the perfect setting for your next brain storming session. Our conference room is a casual yet professional environment large enough to accommodate up to 30 people comfortably. Audiovisual equipment rental is also available. While on break, kick around your new ideas while your kicking around on one of our two indoor fields. We'll give new meaning to scoring points with your team!

    Corporate/Group Retreats & Outings
    Team-building is recognized as one of the most important aspects of business today and no one provides a getaway day like Soccer Blast. Activities designed to promote team play and cohesiveness and encourage spirit building among coworkers and management can be made available. Where else can you go to challenge yourself and your team in such a fun and festive atmosphere? You won't believe the difference in your crew after a day spent at Soccer Blast!

    Sports Field Rentals
    Soccer Blast's two fields are perfect for a wide variety of sporting activities. Teams or clubs can rent field time for practices or drills to accelerate their training. Field time can be combined with Sports Blast's Sports Conditioning program to optimize player strength, fitness, speed, and agility. Corporate, intramural, or Park & Rec. teams can also enjoy Soccer Blast's climate controlled facility for flag football, volleyball, soccer, or other games.

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