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    Submit your information to teams looking for players.

    Looking for a team? Soccer Blast Youth and Adult leagues are set up primarily for 'formed teams' to join as a whole; these teams can consist of neighborhood kids, a competitive soccer team, a group of work buddies, etc. While Individuals are not guaranteed placement onto one of these teams, every so often there are teams that are looking for players to help fill out their roster.

    Please click on the appropriate link below to submit your information. (note: this link takes you away from the soccerblastmn.com website)

    If after you fill out the form it comes back with an error, it is because we have reached our limit of form submissions for the period. Please try again in a couple days or week. Please DO NOT send an email with your information telling us it did not work as we will not save the email.

    It is stated in notes below but please keep in mind - The true reality is we are not able to place a lot of individuals on teams (most teams don't sign up until they are full) but every so often teams are looking so it is in your best interest to submit your information.

    You will not receive any communication from Soccer Blast regarding your submission or the status.

    Adults Individuals (18 and older)

    Youth Individuals (U9-U19)

    Please note:

    - Your contact information may be passed on to team's looking for players. If you do not want this information given out, please contact Soccer Blast to have your information removed.

    - We will not give team manager contact information out. We will let them know that players are looking for teams.

    - Most likely you will not receive any communication from Soccer Blast regarding your find-a-team submission. You will only be contacted when a team is looking for players.

    - Most often teams don't register to play until they have a full roster, so finding a team to play on can be challenging. But it never hurts to submit and hope to find one.

    - If you are an ambitious individual and are interested in managing/organizing a group of individuals, please let us know and if there are enough to form a team, we will pass them all on!

    - We do not guarantee that you will be connected with a team and will not have any updates on the status. Every session is different and we never know how many teams will be looking for players. Teams will contact you directly if they need players.

    - If you do pick up with a team, please email us and let us know. We’ll then take your name off the list so that you are not continuously contacted.

    - Your information will be held for one year.

    Teams looking for players, please contact us to receive the list.

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