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    Other Opportunities

    Employment- Soccer Blast TOCA is in need of some great, soccer minded people to help run our building, businesses and leagues! All ages welcome as we have part-time positions in the concession stand, shift managers, referees and even some full-time positions.

    Click HERE

    Cafe/Concession Stand- currently accepting applications for the 2022-23 Fall/Winter Sessions.

    Soccer Blast is currently hiring for concession stand employees and general janitorial shifts. These positions will offer 4-10hrs a week, mainly on weekends. Duties would include food sales and preparation and facility cleanup. Must be 16 years old.
    Please contact Matt Multer for more details or Click on link above.
    Email: mmulter@tocafootball.com

    Shift Manager -

    Soccer Blast is currently hiring shift managers for the 2022-23 Fall/Winter Sessions.

    Duties include overseeing activities within building, supervising cafe staff, handling league registrations and issues, operating concession stand and other miscellaneous tasks. Evening and weekend shifts, 6-8hrs. Work 1 to 3 shifts per week. Must be 18 years old.

    Please contact Andy Nordquist for more details or Click on link above. Email: andyn@soccerblastmn.com


    Soccer Blast is currently hiring referees for the 2022-23 Winter sessions. Please submit the following information to be considered:

    • Name
    • Address, phone numbers, email
    • Referee Grade
    • Ages you are interested in officiating:
      U9/10 - U11/12 - U13/14 - U15/16 - U17/18/19
      Adult Men - Adult Women - Adult Coed
    • Clubs, Associations currently officiating for.
    • Number of years reffing.
    • Any years of indoor reffing experience?
      Please submit the above to Andy Nordquist. Email to andyn@soccerblastmn.com. Requirements:
      • Must be able to officiate U10 or older
      • Must be USSF Certified

      Hours vary. Please submit application. If accepted, your will receive an availability form so that you can indicate your preferred days and age groups.

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